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The OneTouch App is the App of Apps!

Bringing together multiple features into one place OneTouch App makes your life easier. Control your entertainment system, security system and media devices in your home or office.

Whether you want to keep a closer eye on things at home by monitoring your home cameras,  enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is secure by controlling access and alarms, or just relaxing in your living room streaming your favorite music or watching your choice of programs on TV, the OneTouch App has you covered. 

Being fully customisable you select the features for your OneTouch App and the OneTouch Tech Team will make it happen.

The licence includes Control My Home and Control my Security*

*requires RTI and Bitwise, Camera configuration varies and is an additional feature.

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Subscribe to or Purchase your OneTouch App

OneTouch App 2 user subscription $9.99/ Mth

OneTouch App 5 user subscription $29/ Mth

OneTouch App 10 user subscription $49/ Mth

OneTouch App 25 user subscription $69/ Mth

OneTouch App 2 user licence $199

OneTouch App 5 user licence $299

OneTouch App 10 user licence $499

OneTouch App 25 user licence $690

Cameras and Music Server

IP Cameras setup in OneTouch $99

OneTouch Hub2