RTI Programming

Before starting, please make sure XP controller firmware is up to date, otherwise after installing the new driver and trying to upload to controller you will get error a message.

1. Open the latest customer’s RTI configuration file (Make sure Integration Designer software version is up to date)

2. Download Email/SMTP Client driver and add it to RTI controller

( http://www.rticorp.com/driver-store/email-smtp-client.html )

3. Create smt2go user and note down username and password

( https://app.smtp2go.com/login/?message=1 )

4. Go to RTI Controller > Properties > Drivers > Email/SMTP Client

SMTP Server Address – mail.smtp2go.com

Server Port – 2525

From Email Address – can be any working email address

From Friendly Name – any name can be given

Username and Password – smtp2go user username and password

5. Create Macros for each and every message.

Burglar Alarm – Macro 1
Fire Alarm – Macro 2
Alarm Armed – Macro 3
Alarm Disarmed – Macro 4

Note down the macros to the Omni program using the PC Access file.