Leviton Omni

OneTouch App can receive push notifications from Leviton Omni without the need to install an email notifier. This feature saves the cost of the email notifier and the associated installation and programming. 

Once this feature has been set up you will receive a push notification to all your devices whenever the alarm is set or unset or when a Burglary or Fire alarm is activated. You will also be notified when each sensor is tripped – valuable information to help you to determine if it is a real burglary or just a false alarm. 

To configure Leviton Omni Notifications:

  1. Download and install the App onto your device
  2. Select Plugins from the menu then select the Available Plugins tab then find and add Leviton Omni
  3. Enter the external IP address or dyndns.org details, Keys and port – same as required for Leviton Snaplink App. The name can be anything – e.g. My Home Omni. Select Save when finished. 
  4. Create a Group to receive the notifications by selecting Groups from the Menu then click on the + top right to create a new group. 
  5. Enter a name for the group e.g. My Family and a description.
  6. Click the cog beside Notification Plugins and turn on the notification for this group.  

OneTouch App has the unique ability for all the family members or work team to receive alarm notifications and communicate with each other to resolve the alarm condition. To set this up: 

  1.  Firstly all the people in your family or work group must download the App and create an account.
  2. Now you can invite them to be friends by selecting Friends from the menu then touching on the new friend icon top right and entering each persons email address. 
  3. They must then accept your friend request – from OneTouch App select Friends from the menu then Incoming Requests tab and tick to confirm. 
  4. Not you can go to your Group and add in the friends that you want to also receive the notifications. 

In the event of a false alarm the person who tripped it can a a note to the alarm such as “Just me – false alarm” which is then sent to the other family members or work colleagues as a notification. Finally a simple system to deal with alarm activations!  

OneTouch can also be configured to open Bitwise which is a separate App and controller also owned by Leviton.

  • If you already use Bitwise then the integrator that set it up for you can create pages for Alarm keypad, access control and status which can be integrated into OneTouch App.
  • If you don’t use Bitwise currently our remote tech team can set it up for you and email you the file.

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