How it works

Discover what the OneTouch App can do for you

OneTouch App

Download the app to run your home or your business from your smartphone.

OneTouch Hub

Use OneTouch Hub as the brain of your smart home.

Smart Devices

Add as many smart devices as you’d like to personalize your smart home.

What OneTouch App can do for you

Control My Home

Control all your home entertainment systems including TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray and DVD players, projectors, and audio & home theatre systems. Turn on/off or dim lights, raise and lower blinds and control your air conditioning, fireplace or heaters.

Control My Security

Set your alarm system on/off, open/close doors and gates, and show the Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) status of all areas in your home or office. 

Listen to Music

Your home can be divided into “zones” where hifi speakers can be installed. Select a room or zone and stream your favorite music through this zone or throughout the house. Easily select the source of your favourite music –  Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora. 


Access YouTube, Apple Videos, and Plex so you can watch your choice of movies, TV, or video clips directly on your phone or tablet, or stream them to your TV or projector.

Shopping List

Create a shopping list for your groceries, home supplies, clothes, or anything else you need on your phone or tablet.

Internal Password

To manage your low level passwords such as for your entertainment Apps, Spotify, Netflix etc. Simply list here to have easy access so you are never stuck waiting to locate that missing password when you are ready to relax and watch a program or movie.

Z-Wave Control
Z-Wave is the leading wireless home control technology with over 1700 certified interoperable products. You can control all your Z-Wave devices with the OneTouchApp including lights, locks, thermostats, fans, window coverings, and sensors.

If you need help with anything regarding your OneTouch App or any of the devices it controls, just send us an email, give us a call, or browse through our FAQ page, all from within the app with a touch of a button.


Need to keep tabs on important areas in your home and surrounds, or your store and office? Simply click on a button and see for yourself anytime, anywhere. Each camera will stream the feed directly to your phone or tablet.


All security events from Leviton Omni security systems or other compatible systems are logged in the OneTouch App. You will receive security alarm push notifications if an event is triggered.

Keep notes conveniently in one place.

One App – the OneTouchApp!

Traditionally each device has its own App and remembering which App to use for what can be a challenge. OneTouch App solves this by integrating control of the devices and systems in your home and work environments such as entertainment, security, heating, lighting and appliances, into one easy to use App. It also has easy contact to Tech Support as a built in feature.

The App can run on your smartphone and tablet and optionally on in-wall touch screens in the home or office.

  • Integrates the control of your entertainment systems and optionally lighting, security, access control, monitoring.  

  • Supported by your Remote Tech Team – Remote setup and configuration of your media services

  • Integrated notification system

Easy To Use

Accessible from everywhere – Runs on all your devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac

OneTouch App makes it easy to use the Apps you love such as Spotify by automatically setting the sound system to Airplay when you launch them from within OneTouch.

  • Use OneTouch on your devices, or from OneTouch in-wall touch screens and your TV.
  • Seamlessly opens third party Apps when required
  • Provides a “Wizard” step through process to enjoy your entertainment e.g. Select rooms where you want to listen to music, select Airplay, Select App (Spotify, Music, etc)
  • In – App support and help desk

Smart Notifications

Receive notifications from Leviton Omni Security and Automation controllers or many other compatible products. 

  • Enables other family members and work colleges to respond to the message, keeping everyone up to date if it is a false alarm
  • The notification system alerts you for things like Fire Alarm Activation. Security Alarm Activation, Power outage, Kids home from school, etc and from the passive monitoring Aged Care system e.g. if there has been no motion detected in the kitchen by 9AM
  • Notifications can be sent to a group e.g. family members and each recipient can see when that has been cleared by another recipient
  • Group Chat
  • Group list

Compatible Security and Control systems

OneTouch App provides seamless integration with most entertainment and control systems enabling you to select the best from different vendors.

OneTouch App can control most products via a wide range of industry leading hubs – integrating the control of your HVAC, TVs, home theater, multi room audio, lighting and more.

  • CCTV Cameras: Most IP cameras can be displayed in OneTouch
  • Security: Leviton Omni Lte, IIe or Pro or any alarm with contact closure outputs or email notifications. 
  • Z-Wave and Insteon wireless security and automation – HomeSeer or Vera 
  • Control: RTI, Bitwise, OmniBus, KNX, C-Bus
  • Audio: HiFi,  Sonos, Heos

Remote Tech Team

OneTouch App has context sensitive help, but it can also be customized with information relating to the particular location.

In-app support includes web, email, phone help-desk.

  • The OneTouch App is backed by a team of trained Techs to provide support services including processing changes to the layouts on your devices, adding new features when equipment changes at home or work and making adjustments. This help desk can for example set up an account with Netflix for you and set up access to it from your smart TV, tablets, phones, etc – a “Virtual Concierge” that can remember your passwords and help with anything tech related to your App and compatible systems.
  • Assist with “Where to buy” the control, entertainment and security equipment, help with installing the App on all your devices.
  • Select features and specify the services you want. The Remote Tech Team will configure these to suit the household, or can customise for each family member
  • Selected systems are configured by your Remote Tech Team allowing you to control your TV system, lighting, electrical, etc
  • Remote configuration services are currently available for Leviton Omni, HiFi, Bitwise, RTI, KNX and cloud based docs and media services

The team can also customize the pages within the App to suit your home or workplace. Control pages can be structured by room or function. Web based info including system overview and help specific to the site can be easily included. For commercial uses the App can include booking system, in room dining, etc.