Currently iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and/or iPad) are supported.

Simply look for iliOneTouch in the App Store.

If you’re having difficulty with your OneTouch, such as issues with network connectivity, try resetting your device by power cycling it. You can do this by turning your device off and on again.

Ensure your wired or wireless network hardware is switched on and plugged in. Check the router’s lights and console if possible to ensure it is running and responding properly. Troubleshoot and reset the router if necessary. If all else fails, contact your Internet provider to verify whether they are experiencing an outage.

Check the camera connection and power, and make sure cabling is OK. Reboot the camera and see if it fixes the issue. If all else fails, contact customer support.

The OneTouch App allows you to add capabilities or increase capacity as required. For more information, contact customer support.

Your OneTouch App will be designed, scaled, and custom-built according to your needs. For more information see ‘Shop’ or contact customer support.

Restart your set-top box/AV receivers/Media Players/TVs (switch them off or pull the power plug out at the back). If the issue still persists, restart your OneTouch PC.

Restart your set-top box/AV receivers/Media Players/TVs (switch them off or pull out the power plug at the back).

Restart your OneTouch PC.

OneTouch requires an Internet connection in order to communicate with the devices attached to it.

Should a power outage occur in your home, all of your devices should reconnect automatically when your power and Internet connection is restored.

Check if there’s internet connection and that the mobile device is on the same network. Restart your router.